First air-conditioned subway cars

  • Trial run of 4 cars (in a 10-car train) on the F train
    • From 179th in Jamaica to Lafayette Street in Manhattan
    • Did the F stop at Broadway Lafayette?
  • System had total of 4k cars
  • Lindsay hoped cars would decrease hostility index
  • Lindsay wanted to order 200 more cars for 1969 if trial was a success
  • Cost expected to be $165k, compared to $125k for non-air conditioned car
  • Walter Schlager was general manager of NYCTA
    • Said air-conditioned subway train required about 1/3 more power than conventional train
    • Would require new substations to provide additional power
  • Source: Murray Schumach, "Hostility Melts in Cool 'F' Train," The New York Times, July 20, 1967. link
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