New Yorker on Bob Kiley

  • MTA offices were at 347 Madison Avenue, near Grand Central
  • Britain's Labour party still (2004) gets most of its funding from unions
  • Kiley wanted public bondds to finance Tube improvements, Blair and Treasury wanted to use PPPs, let to privatization of the Tube
  • Tube control was transfered to TfL in July 2004
  • Kiley was chair of MTA from 1983 to 1990, took over the Underground at age 68
  • Margaret Thatcher abolished the Greater London Council in 1986, which was led by Ken Livingstone
  • Blair government engaged in massive devolution and recreated independent municipal government in London, but did not want to hand over control of the Underground with Livingstone as mayor
  • TfL was newly created
  • Kiley's subway chief at MTA was David Gunn
    • They also worked together at MBTA
    • Gunn briefly joined Kiley in London, but ran Amtrak at the time of this article
  • Appointed to Amtrak Board of Directors by Clinton in 1993
  • Known for engaging in public fights with New York's transit labor unions
  • "This would be a three-fer," Kiley said about the opportunity to lead in London, after running the old subway systems in Boston and NYC
  • Source: "Underground Man," The New Yorker, February 9, 2004. link
  • Source: "The Talk of the Town: Robert Kiley," The New Yorker, October 31, 1983. link
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