Rockfeller proposes what would become MTA

  • MCTA had been formed in 1965 to buy and operate Long Island Rail Road
  • Ronan was MCTA chair
  • Rockefeller's plan would be designed to avoid legal questions about rights of Triborough bondholders
  • Source: "Rockefller Seeks Regional Agency to Direct Transit," The New York Times, June 3, 1966. link
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Rockefeller proposes state take over Harlem and Hudson lines

  • Rockefeller also announced modernization plans, pending legislative approval of the bond authority
    • not sure what bond authority is here
  • Purchase of 80 new Penn Central cars finances with $21mil in bonds through New York State Commuter Car Program
    • NYS CCP administered by Port Authority, which was then still called the Port of New York Authority
    • Port Authority would buy cars and lease them to the state
  • Rest of modernization financed by $44mil in bonds from State Transportation Bond Fund
  • Ronan said Penn Central would manage the line under MTA's direction, and MTA would pay them for maintenance and oprating costs, which would be paid out of operating revenue
  • Plans for take-over started with state transit master plan in 1968
  • Source: Bill Kovach, "STATE TO ACQUIRE 2 COMMUTER RUNS," The New York Times, April 17, 1970. link
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William J. Ronan, former MTA chair, dies

  • Source: "William J. Ronan, Architect of the M.T.A., Dies at 101," The New York Times, October 18, 2014. link
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Ronan pleads for 1971 state transportation bond issue

  • Date: October 5, 1971
  • It would fail at the ballot a month later
  • $2.5bil issue would be split $1.35bil for transit and $1.15bil for highways
    • A rarity to have transit amount greater than highways, and Ronan knew it
  • Ronan said new bond would be used to improve existing systems, since riders complained that 1967 bond showed little tangible benefits (spent mostly on Second Avenue Subway?)
  • Fare would go to 45 or 50 cents (from 30) if bond didn't pass
    • Isn't this mixing capital and operating expenses?
    • Yes, but some capital projects were already being paid out of farebox income
    • This was pre-capital program, so my details on all this are weak right now
  • Source: "Ronan Calls Bond-Issue Vote Key to Stable Subway Fares," The New York Times, October 5, 1971. link
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