Subway areas closed due to crime

  • NYCTA planned to close the areas within 7 days without public hearings or MTA approval
  • "For January of this year, subway crime declined by more than 20 percent. The transit police say the number dropped because of a crackdown on fare dvasion that prevented people who would commit more serious crimes from entering the subway."
    • Bratton had become transit police chief in 1990!
  • Woman was raped on March 20 in tunnel beneath Avenue of the Americas to connect 34th and 42nd St stations
  • Some sections closed were paths between uptown and downtown at local stations
    • Did this lead to some of the "Downtown Only" stations we have today?
    • TA said paths at express stations would not be closed
  • Source: Calvin Sims, "15 More Areas in Subways To Be Closed," The New York Times, March 29, 1991. link
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Transfer opens between Broadway-Lafayette and Uptown trains at Bleecker

  • Construction approved in 2005
  • Downtown transfer between IRT and IND was built in 1957
    • Bleecker platforms were not directly across from each other (northbound more north)
  • Source: Matt Flegenheimer, "A Vexing Flaw in the Subway Is Finally Fixed," The New York Times, September 23, 2012. link
  • Source: Sewell Chan, "With Connection on No. 6 Line, a Manhattan Transfer Is Coming," The New York Times, May 7, 2005. link
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