Janno Lieber becomes MTA Chief Development Offficer

  • Was at Silverstein Properties
  • Source: Emma Fitzsimmons, "World Trade Center Developer to Oversee M.T.A. Expansion Projects," The New York Times, April 19, 2017. link
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David Gunn leaves MTA

  • Source: William G. Blair, "Gunn to Leave Transit Agency; Says System Is Now Acceptable," The New York Times, January 6, 1990. link
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Andy Byford named president of MTA New York City Transit

  • Byford caught Cuomo's eye after his participation in the 2014 MTA Reinvention Commission
  • Byford "first rode the New York City subway in 1994 when he was on his honeymoon and 'marveled at its complexity.'"
  • Byford will oversee about 47,000 employees at NYCT
  • Alumni of London and Sydney's transit networks
  • He brought open gangway cars to TTC
  • Source: Marc Santora, "Toronto Transit Chief Is Tapped to Run New York’s Ailing Subways," The New York Times, November 21, 2017. link
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