CBCNY report on maintaining useful life of subway cars

  • 2008 budget cuts extended car rehab cycles from every 6 and 12 year periods to every 7 and 14 years
    • Resulted in 150 fewer cars rehabilitated annually
  • Another 2008 cut resulted in inspection cycles for all but 2 oldest car models being increased from every 11k miles (~71 days) to 12k miles (~78 days)
  • Delivery of R188s was delayed 6 months due to test track in Far Rockaway damaged during Sandy
  • NYCT needs 125 new cars annually, only received 23 annually between 2011 and 2017
  • Source: "Getting Back on Track: Replacing and Repairing Subway Cars Will Be Expensive and Take More Than a Decade," Citizens Budget Commission, July 2018. link
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