Fare increases from $1 to $1.15

  • Date: January 1, 1990
  • A 1987 agreement with the unions, Governor, and Legislature "provided for the $1.15 fare" [1]
    • Occurred while approving 1987 $8.5bil capital plan
    • Written primarily by Felix Rohatyn
  • Increase of 15% was to close $200mil budget defecit
  • There was a political retreat from a $1.25 fare
    • Some say due to public outcry, others say it was a political gimmick
  • Kiley said in July 1989 that more than a $1.15 fare may be necessary
    • Ridership had not increased, resulting in $15mil less revenue than expected
    • Corporate-tax revenues were down $15mil
    • Federal aid was $25mil less than expected
  • "Technically, the M.T.A. can approve fare increases without the agreement of lawmakers. The Legislature, however, controls the authority's huge capital plans, giving it strong influence." [2]
  • Source: "Kiley Says Fares Could Increase Beyond $1.15 Planned for 1990," The New York Times, June 1, 1989. link
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Fare increases from 75 cents to 90 cents

  • Date: January 2, 1984
  • Kiley defends increases to make up operating deficits
  • 1984 budget is $3.7bil
  • New fares and tolls expected to generate $270mil
  • Elderly and handicapped returned to half fare 24 hours a day
    • Had been half fare only outside of 7am and 9am
  • City Council President Carol Bellamy had several criticisms
    • Questioned whether $38mil reserve fund for track work was necessary
    • Thought some operating budget items should actually be capital budget items
    • Thought budget was too conservative in "failing to count on receiving certain Federal financing"
  • Board endorsed Koch's proposal to have MTA set up administrative board to prosecute fare evadors, rather than sending them to court, as was currently done
  • Source: Suzanne Daley, "M.T.A. RAISES FARES AND TOLLS BY 20% ACROSS THE BOARD," The New York Times, December 17, 1983. link
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Bob Kiley appointed MTA Chair

New Yorker on Bob Kiley

  • MTA offices were at 347 Madison Avenue, near Grand Central
  • Britain's Labour party still (2004) gets most of its funding from unions
  • Kiley wanted public bondds to finance Tube improvements, Blair and Treasury wanted to use PPPs, let to privatization of the Tube
  • Tube control was transfered to TfL in July 2004
  • Kiley was chair of MTA from 1983 to 1990, took over the Underground at age 68
  • Margaret Thatcher abolished the Greater London Council in 1986, which was led by Ken Livingstone
  • Blair government engaged in massive devolution and recreated independent municipal government in London, but did not want to hand over control of the Underground with Livingstone as mayor
  • TfL was newly created
  • Kiley's subway chief at MTA was David Gunn
    • They also worked together at MBTA
    • Gunn briefly joined Kiley in London, but ran Amtrak at the time of this article
  • Appointed to Amtrak Board of Directors by Clinton in 1993
  • Known for engaging in public fights with New York's transit labor unions
  • "This would be a three-fer," Kiley said about the opportunity to lead in London, after running the old subway systems in Boston and NYC
  • Source: "Underground Man," The New Yorker, February 9, 2004. link
  • Source: "The Talk of the Town: Robert Kiley," The New Yorker, October 31, 1983. link
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MTA Courts Kiley

  • Date: October 8, 1983
  • Cuomo's counsel, Timothy Russert, sat with Kiley at Fenway during Yaz Day (Carl Yastrzemski's last game) to discuss the MTA job
  • The govenor's staff's codename for Kiley was "The Badge," "because he had been Deputy Mayor in charge of public safety in Boston from 1972 to 1975 and before that a C.I.A. official"
  • Source: "THE SECRET COURTING OF ROBERT KILEY," The New York Times, October 8, 1983. link
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